DOQ Clergy Wives Retreat
Hosted at St. Mark’s Church

Women of the Gospel: Exploring our identity in Christ

Hosted at St. Mark’s Church, 1550 7th Avenue, Silvis, Illinois.
June 9-10, 2017

Jesus is calling us to go deeper, friend, deeper in love with Him. He’s also calling us into a deeper understanding of who we are in Him, and to be transformed by that understanding from the inside out. Do you want to be transformed into the likeness of Christ? I surely do.

Join your fellow clergy wives June 9-10, 2017, in Silvis, Illinois for a time of retreat. The theme for this year’s event is “Women of the Gospel: Exploring our identity in Christ.” This year we’ll hear from several new speakers, spend time in prayer and fellowship, and dig deeply into the Word of God.

Save the date and plan to join us for a two-day, 24-hour retreat!

Registration: $25 (to offset the cost of meals and supplies) payable to “St. Mark’s Church.”

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