DOQ Clergy Wives Retreat 2018

June 8-9
St. John’s Parish
701 Hampshire St.
Quincy, IL 62301

Recharge your mind, body and spirit with a time of prayer, fellowship and learning together. This year, we will take a Healing Journey with Janet Haase to explore some of the most profound influencers of health creation and regeneration that can be experienced outside of the medical office. Your body is a miracle and also your greatest resource for the fulfillment of your divine calling on this earth. Healing Journey celebrates your health potential and invites you to access it in ways that bring more vitality and joy into your daily life of service.

Janet Haase and her husband Dr. David Haase are founders and owners of MaxWell Clinic in Nashville and Clarksville, Tennessee. Dr. Haase is a world leader in functional medicine whose passion is to transform medical care from sick care, with its focus on naming and taming disease, to health care, which focuses on the underlying causes of disease and dysfunction rather than simply suppressing symptoms. After years of witnessing the health transformations experienced by her husband’s patients, Janet has become passionate about the role lifestyle plays in the creation of health.

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