Litigation Update November 12, 2013

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A Letter from Bishop Morales
to the Diocese

My dear sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus,

How You Can Help

1. Pray for the Diocese of Quincy
2. Contribute

Checks can be made to:
The American Anglican Council.Check Memo Line:
Quincy Legal Defense.Send to:
Mark Gamage
3914 W Crimson Rd.
Dunlap, IL 61525

All contributions made to The American Anglican Council can be counted as charitable gifts.

Shortly before our Synod in October, we received the news from the courtroom in Adams County that Judge Ortbal had ruled in our favor on all of the questions involved in the litigation between The Episcopal Church (TEC) and our Diocese. In his order which followed that ruling, Judge Ortbal released for our use a substantial portion of our endowment funds which had previously been frozen. But, as the expression goes, the ink was not even dry on that order when TEC filed an appeal of the ruling in the Illinois Court of Appeals and caused our endowment funds to be frozen once again.

Late last week, as our legal team worked diligently on our response to that appeal, a substantial portion of the leaders of our Diocese, both lay and clergy, learned that they have been named in a second lawsuit filed by TEC, this time in Peoria County. This new action requires the attention of our legal team as well, and I am proud to tell you that they have taken on this new burden without hesitation.

We cannot know what thoughts are in the minds of those in TEC who continue to act toward us with such malice, but if they have any thought that this new suit will cause fear or uncertainty in our leaders, or cause this Diocese to withdraw from the struggle, then they will be disappointed to know that just the opposite is true. The resolve of our people and leadership to continue this battle is now stronger than ever.

Likewise, if their goal is to overwhelm our legal team, or to demoralize them into surrender, then their plan has failed on that front as well. In fact, the team is even more determined than ever to see this to completion.

This is the time for every member of this Diocese to join together in the struggle. We must each of us be a part of this fight both spiritually and financially, now and until it is won. I ask your frequent and fervent prayers for each member of our legal team and every member of our Diocese involved in these suits. Pray for their health, for strength to enable them to continue the battle, and for their protection from the evil which flows from this oppression.

But the secular aspect of this contest must also be urgently addressed—it cannot be successfully defended without sufficient funds to offset court costs and support our lawyers. Although they have billed us little and been paid only a fraction of that amount, we have an obligation to them which we must honor. I ask each of you to prayerfully determine the most generous amount of support you may provide this cause, and forward your check to Mr. Mark Gamage at 3914 W Crimson Road, Dunlap, IL 61525. Your check should be made payable to The American Anglican Council (Memo: “Quincy Legal Defense”).

Together, by prayer and sacrifice, we will prevail in this battle. We will at last be allowed to live the faith of our fathers, and to worship in the churches which they built and we have maintained.

In Christ,
The Right Rev. J. Alberto Morales, OSB
Quincy IX

A New Lawsuit Against Quincy

The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago and their bishop Jeffrey Lee filed a new lawsuit against the Anglican Diocese of Quincy on November 6 in Peoria, Illinois. The suit asks the court to force the Diocese of Quincy to “relinquish control of buildings and other assets” they believe belong to them.

Judge Thomas Ortbal of the 8th Judicial Circuit Court of Adams County, Illinois, already ruled on original lawsuit against the diocese, determining that The Episcopal Church’s┬áConstitution and Canons do not prevent a diocese from withdrawing.

Read more commentary on the situation from Mary Ann Mueller and Allan Haley, who points out the absurdness of the new lawsuit.

The Strategy Against Quincy

Bishop Lee stated his hope is for “reconciliation and mutual respect in Christ” through legal proceedings. Veiled in religious jargon, these words hide what the suit seeks to do.

The new lawsuit spreads even more thinly our legal team and legal resources. The strategy in effect seeks to drain Quincy of its ability to defend itself and its right actions.

How You Can Contribute


Pray for God’s kingdom and rightness to prevail. Ask God to come to our aid, be our refuge, and defund us in the battle. Pray for our leaders and legal team to have a hedge of protection and to be hidden the Lord. Pray for God’s provision for our legal team’s finances and strength.


Your giving can help defend the diocese. To contribute to the Diocese of Quincy’s legal fund, mail a check or money order to the address below.

Make the check out to:
The American Anglican Council

Check Memo Line:
Quincy Legal Defense

Send to:
Mark Gamage
3914 W Crimson Rd.
Dunlap, IL 61525

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