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The Rev Dcn David Byer

I was born in Evansville, IN and lived there 24 years. I also lived in Douglas and Gillette, WY for 17 years and most recent in Troy, IL 14 years. Evansville is home, but realistically they all feel like home.

Married to Debbie for 35 years. Three adult children, a son and two daughters, Sarah, Josh and April, all married. Three grand children.


  • BS Biology Indiana State University – Evansville 1979
  • Currently enrolled at Andrewes Hall Seminary,  Master of Theology program.
  • Completed four years of Education for Ministry undergraduate continuing education program from University of the South

Work Experience:

  • Currently Transitional Deacon at Christ Anglican Church in Fairview Heights IL Diocese of Quincy,
  • 1984 to present, Senior Manager of Quality Control at Peabody Energy Corporation.
  • 1987 – 1997 Lay Vicar of Ascension Episcopal Church in Esterbrook WY of the Diocese of WY &  Diocesan Wilderness Camp Manager

Favorite ministry experience:
My favorite ministry experience was my day of Ordination to the Sacred Order of Deacons. After that was my role as lay vicar at Ascension Church in the Diocese of WY.

Most challenging ministry experience:
My most challenging experience was completing the ordination process. After that was managing the Diocesan Wilderness Youth Camp program in the Diocese of WY (the most difficult part was hiring the cook each year).

Who has influenced you:
Hands down, 100% all the way was my mother.

Finish this sentence! I have a weakness for…
People who are crying.

Favorite food:
Fresh wild caught grilled Pacific Salmon.  Runner up is a Cheese Burger.

If you had a week off, what would we find you doing?
Assuming something other than ministry and other than the obvious week on the beach with my lovely wife, my third favorite thing is to spend a week fishing at KY Lake.

What else should we know about you:
In October 2007 I was awarded the RA Glen award for my leadership and service and work in the advancement of ASTM internantional coal testing standards. I also achieved the rank of Shodan or 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate. My favorite hobby is fishing. My favorite dogs of all time are a Black Lab named Pepper and a Long Haired Dachshund named Howdy. Overall, ministry (serving God and His people) and marriage are my passions, the two things I work hardest at doing well.

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