Youth Had a Blast Cooking with the Bishop

Posted by on Oct 9, 2014 in Updates

The diocesan youth event, “Cooking With The Bishop,” was a first-time event that resulted from a request by youth at St. Mark’s Anglican Church in Silvis, IL. Held at Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Geneseo. The event drew 65 in attendance from the Rock Island Deanery. Three cultures came together for games, cooking, and fellowship, speaking three languages: Spanish, Karen, and English. While there definitely was a language barrier at times, when the various groups came together for worship, we all spoke and understood one language–the language of our liturgy.

The purpose of the event was to provide the youth of our deanery an opportunity to interact with church leadership–especially our Bishop–in a way that encourages relationship and inspires greater interest and commitment to the church. Feedback from everyone involved was very positive, and another “Cooking With The Bishop” event has been tentatively planned for the spring, to be hosted at Trinity Rock Island.


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