New Karen Mission in St. Paul, MN

Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in Updates

St John's in St Paul, MN

On December 21 Bishop Morales and the Rev. Cn. Samuel Lynn visited the diocese’s newest mission, St. John’s in St. Paul, Minnesota.

“God is using the Diocese of Quincy to welcome and shepherd new congregations of Karen communities in the United States, and I am so glad to see it happening,” said Bishop Morales.

Rev. Cn. Samuel Lynn is the only Karen priest residing in the United States.  From his home mission of St. Paul’s in Rock Island, Illinois. Rev. Cn. Lynn also ministers to Karen congregations in Minnesota, Colorado, and New York.

The diocese and Bishop Morales have welcomed the Karen to worship in their native language, a crucial component of worship for the bishop.

“Though you may speak the language of the culture you live in, if your native tongue is another language, you are able to worship so much more fully in your native tongue. That is why we will never require anyone to worship in a particular language,” said Bishop Morales, pointing out that worship in your native language is an important Anglican distinctive rooted in our articles of faith.

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