Dedication of the Cathedral

Posted by on Feb 1, 2015 in Updates

On Saturday, February 7, the Diocese celebrated two ordinations and the official installation and Seating of the Bishop at St. John’s Cathedral in Quincy, IL. Approximately 125 guests attended the event, including friends and family of the ordinands, Fr. Daniel Kinkead and Fr. David Byer. An elegant luncheon was held in the cathedral’s Upson Hall and was generously provided by the Diocese as well as a number of diocesan clergy and congregations. Bishop Alberto Morales presided over the liturgy which included service music from the “Mass of St. Thomas” by David Thorne and a communion anthem offered by the Cathedral Choir. In addition to the music ministry, we are especially grateful to the many women and men of St. John’s who cleaned and polished and served behind the scenes, and who created such a beautiful and welcoming environment for everyone.

In a way, the event was a type of homecoming for the Diocese. St. John’s served as the first cathedral of Quincy and was the episcopal see for five bishops between the years 1877 and 1962. In the opening words of Saturday’s liturgy, the new Dean welcomed the Bishop to his new cathedral, “the symbol and center of [his] pastoral, liturgical, and teaching ministry in this Diocese.” St. John’s understands this symbolic role, and she is humbled and honored to represent the Bishop in this important way, and to labor alongside her sister parishes, missions, and church plants for the glory of God and for sake of His glorious Kingdom.




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