Grace talk from your Bishop—April 2015

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Dear brothers and sisters, PAX!

The monastic office hymn for Easter reads as follows:
Christ, joy of the world, radiance of the glory of the Father.
Blessed is the morning that announces your splendor to the universe.

On the first day, Your resurrection rejoiced the heart of the Father.
On the first day, He saw that all things were good because they participated in your glory.

The morning celebrates Your resurrection and rejoices with the clarity of Easter
The earth wakes up like a young disciple searching for you, knowing that the tomb is empty.

In the clear morning, Your Sacred Light spreads like a new grace.
May we live like children of the light and may we not sin against the clarity of Your Presence.

The Lord is alive! He is risen! This is the Good News that flows from the open tomb like a river of blessing. Through Christ, the life of God enters the world, fills the human heart and renews all things.

The marvelous event of Easter gives us eternal life, faith, love and hope. St. Augustine reminds us that “the faith of Christians is the Resurrection of Christ.” As the morning dew disappears with the rising sun, so the cold night of sin and death disappears with the love of the victorious God. How much pain and sorrow, bitterness and violence, fear and absurdity has been overcome today by that kind light which shines in the Resurrection! Let it shine in us!

The Risen Lord has inaugurated the great family in which God wants all His children to be loved, welcomed and important. We receive today the gift of new life, and we are called as we live it to tirelessly seek restoration of a corrupt society dominated by money and individual success no matter what the cost. It is an urgent remedy needed to heal a society which debases love and family, and discards children yet unborn, the elderly and the weak. We need this new life Our Lord offers us. Without Christ, the contagion spreads wherever abandonment, inequality, hatred and lack of trust may grow. Let us share this new life!

Our Diocese is a Diocese in mission. The Resurrection is the soul of mission. Through it the Spirit of the Risen Lord makes present the love of God which expands and bathes the hearts and minds and souls of God’s children, giving them good and eternal life. What enthusiasm is injected into the heart of the Church when we know that we collaborate in the spread of that kingdom of love and life; that kingdom of sanctity and justice which only God can offer. When Christ rose, He brought radical change to our reasons for living, for fighting, for suffering and for waiting; through Him human life receives the seed of sure hope. Let us always have hope!

The joy of the Gospel fills the heart and the lives of those who meet Jesus. Those who allow themselves to be saved by Him are liberated from sin, sorrow, interior emptiness and isolation. With Christ, joy is continually born and reborn. Let us be a joyful Diocese!

Through faith, which is born from listening to the Word of God and is nourished with prayer, the Resurrection can enter into each one of us and can drive away loneliness and abandonment.

We must go out and risk ourselves in order to spread the Gospel. Confinement and excessive self-involvement is bad for us. It is better to be a wounded Church, injured through the risks we have taken by going out, than to be a sick Church, crippled by immobility, isolation and fear. When interior life is enclosed in self-interest, there is no longer space for others. The poor cannot come in; the voice of God cannot be heard. When the sweet joy of His love is lost, enthusiasm for doing good withers away. Let us be a risk taking Diocese!

Easter joy is always missionary, because mission communicates the life of Christ, communicates grace and its capacity to break chains and restore hope. To be missionaries is to pray and work for an increase in the numbers of those who feel infinitely loved, always and without condition. Let us pray and work always!

Let us pray to the Lord to always keep alive the enthusiasm and creativity in our lives so that we may offer that fountain of joy to all. Let us also pray to the Lord that through our work, this love which is filled with solidarity may reach all of the peoples of the world. Soon, Lord, soon! Let us work always to bring more people to Christ!

Happy Easter!


The Rt. Rev. J. Alberto Morales, OSB
Quincy IX

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