Grace talk from your Bishop—May 2015

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ab198ee4-c76c-44f3-a754-038dbd95578fDear clergy and faithful of the Diocese of Quincy

I want to share with you a few excerpts from the homily I gave at this year’s Chrism Mass. If you are interested in reading the entire homily, a link is provided at the end of these excerpts.

“Each year we make a stop on our journey to celebrate our Chrism Mass on Holy Tuesday. Bishops, priests, deacons, religious and laity come together as one community to lift up the whole Church in prayer as we contemplate the marvel of what we have received from heaven. It is beautiful to see the holy people of God in this gesture.”

“Each of us, priests and deacons alike, renews our vows, turning our gaze to Heaven with gratitude and never forgetting that joyous day when we unworthy servants had hands laid upon our heads and when the hands of priests were anointed by a Bishop. It is a day whose memories rush through our heads; a parade of places, circumstances and people we have accompanied. The children we once baptized who are now adults, the teenagers we helped to grow, the marriages we blessed, the sick we comforted and the deceased to whom we gave our Christian farewell.”

“Let us remember what St. Paul asked his disciple Timothy to renew, which was that which he had received by the laying on of hands. We do this today not only with great and joyful gratitude, but also with the awareness that we are beggars, beggars of His grace, beggars of His love, beggars of His pardon, beggars of His mercy, beggars of His strength, beggars of reconciliation, beggars of His word, beggars of His body, beggars of His blood, beggars of His anointing, and of His salvation. Not only do we give thanks, we ask for grace. The grace to retain the gift we received by the laying on of hands.”

May the Lord bless you and keep you. Amen.


The Rt. Rev. J. Alberto Morales, OSB
Quincy IX

Read the entire Chrism Mass homily HERE

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