Liturgy workshop offered this summer

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A One-Week, story Intensive, In-Depth Workshop in Liturgy

by the Saint Benedict School for Ministry
DATES:  July 26-31
LOCATION: Church of St. Andrew the Apostle, Peoria
INSTRUCTOR:  The Rev. Dr. Arnold Klukas, former Professor of Liturgics and Ascetical Theology at Nashotah House Theological Seminary.

834cd701-6176-4602-b48a-ab40b70c062dThis workshop is intended for two different types of students. The first type are those laypersons who have grown up in the Anglican tradition and know (as if by osmosis) what liturgy is supposed to be, but have never been taught the reasons why liturgy is the way it is. The second group are those laity and clergy who were never taught the how of worship; that is, the preparation and practice of liturgical actions in the Anglican liturgy.
This workshop will thus focus on how Common Worship, the ACNA liturgies which have been approved  by the College of Bishops, and the Book of Common Prayer (1979) along with the Book of Occasional Services can be used in the corporate worship of either a “traditionalist” or “modern” congregation. We will also consider what resources are essential in the planning of either style of worship. Each sacrament, office, or rite considered “normative” in more Catholic-minded parishes will be discussed in its historical context. We will also explore the psychological and symbolic associations that have gathered around each rite and discuss their theological appropriateness to what we are called to be as a worshipping community. Finally, we will establish what relationship that gesture and movement, music and silence, visual and sensory experiences have to the rubrics and texts of our liturgical tradition

FORMAT: The class will meet morning and afternoon each day and will include participation in daily Morning and Evening Prayer and the Holy Eucharist at St. Andrew’s Cathedral. Social activities and fellowship are planned for the evening.

HOW TO REGISTER: Contact Fr. Shawn Doubet at

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