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9b64add2-d781-4f43-a9d2-0c13ab863eecFr. David Byer: I am committed to the sanctity of life from conception until natural death. Saint Joseph Anglican Church, through my participation in Springfield Right to Life, provides great opportunities to join with people from across our community and collectively witness to the love and grace of Christ and the sanctity of life. I provide pastoral support to the members of the organization and men and women who have become victims of abortion and other life crisis issues. Saint Joseph’s commitment provides a manifestation of Jesus’ presence and love for the most vulnerable and fragile in our midst – pregnant mothers and the babies in their wombs. This is why I make this a priority in my ministry.

Terri Everett (pictured above) – Board member and Secretary of Springfield Right to Life:
7ed6469b-7ca6-44b4-aac7-4c32497c1d32The mission of Springfield Right to Life is to present fully detailed, factual information on such topics as sexual abstinence, fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, post abortion syndrome, infanticide, and euthanasia. This enables the general public, as well as individual, to make informed decisions concerning these vital areas of human life.

“It is clergy and lay leaders from the local churches along with concerned community residents who primarily support our events and witness in the community. Fr. David brings pastoral support for our members and for the victims of abortion. His leadership in prayer vigils and other activities brings a level of strength to our ground efforts. Our community is blessed to have Fr. David and Saint Joseph Anglican Church committed to the support of our organization.”

“Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.”
James 3:18

Members of Epiphany Anglican Mission in Peoria, IL, recently took a walk through a neighborhood frequented by violence. They were joined by dozens others on Friday, June 12 for a Peace Walk organized by Peoria Community Against Violence (PCAV).

80f2406c-37a1-4227-83e8-380ae8c8d1d2Blair Jeffers, a barista at thirty-thirty Coffee Co. in Peoria, is a member of Epiphany’s Vision Team. The Vision Team seeks to dream up and lead the congregation in engaging with culture for the sake of mission.

Blair recently joined PVAC and connected Epiphany with the anti-violence organization. She sees “a desire from many others to have a safe, welcoming, and interactive community.” Blair connected Epiphany to PVAC because she feels the “church should strive to meet the needs of His people by fulfilling both the physical and spiritual in whatever way possible. PCAV is a group ministering to the community and working to do just that.”

Vicar Greg Lynn sees Epiphany’s involvement with PVAC as fulfilling the vision of Epiphany. “Our vision is to help all of greater Peoria experience the reality of Jesus. We do this through engaging with culture where we have open doors. PVAC gives us the opportunity to meet and talk to people outside of the church who share a desire for true peace. We get to show them and the city that there are Christians in town who are willing to work hard for peace,” said Greg.

PCAV begin out of the city’s Don’t Shoot Peoria program, a campaign to denounce gun violence and remove guns from the streets. Thanks to Don’t Shoot Peoria, 2014 saw an 83% decrease in gun violence compared to 2013.

PCAV’s website states they “are sick and tired of violence in our community. We will not stand for it and we will work together to stop it.” They work to “offer alternatives to violence” in Peoria.

PCAV Website
Don’t Shoot Peoria Website

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