July 3 Notifications

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Bishop Morales Requests Prayers

Bishop Morales requests your prayers all month for vocations for St. Benedict’s Abbey. July 11 is the Feast of St. Benedict.

Start Thinking About Your St. Barnabas Award Recipients

Clergy, mind please begin to consider who you wish to receive the St. Barnabas award for your congregation this year.  The St. Barnabas award is a certificate given by the Bishop at Synod to laity in each parish/mission of the Diocese in recognition for their contribution of time, search talent and treasure.  Each priest is asked to recommend to the Bishop a name of an individual for that award.

Synod Offering Funds Anglican Charities

Please begin to announce each Sunday that the offering at the Mass at Synod will go to Anglican Charities.  As of this moment, the synod offering is the only source of funding Anglican Charities has. This year Anglican Charities is approaching $500,000 in food donations,  as well receiving furniture, clothing, gas cards, and other supplies. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a special offering on a given Sunday for that purpose, then that money can be given at Synod.

Office Closed Monday, July 6

On account of the 4th of July weekend, the office will be closed on Monday, July 6.  May you have a blessed and safe weekend.

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