Saint George’s Anglican Church was a part of this summer backpack program

Posted by on Sep 1, 2015 in Updates

Something magical happened in Macomb this summer. During the school year the “Backpack Program” provides kids in need with foodstuffs for the weekends. There was no such program in the summers, but the need was identified and the community went into action. Through a coordinated effort, 9 groups in Macomb volunteered to make sack lunches, available to any kid needing them, for each of the 11 weekends of the summer. These groups of community-servants provided sandwiches, fresh fruit (often it was the group itself that paid for the fruits), and snacks, all wrapped neatly in a take-home bag, for a total of 56 kids all summer long.

a80b7c21-4d2c-48ed-9b87-568e5ef79cc8At first the kids were all Big Brothers and Big Sisters, but word spread and a good number of non-BBBS kids signed up. Every Friday when BBBS brought the materials to the workspace, we were met by a crowd of smiling volunteers, excited for the opportunity to help kids in need, proud to be part of such a noble endeavor. A community is a living, breathing organism, made up of people who come together in moments of joy and sadness to support each other. Macomb stepping up to feed the children makes BBBS’ heart swell with pride. Saint George’s was honored to be one of these groups.

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