Bible Journey (BJ) Program at St. Dunstan’s, Largo FL

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Between March of 2014 and April of 2015, St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church in Largo, FL conducted a study of the books of the Bible.  This course was developed by Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary – Charlotte, store to address the urgent need for Bible teaching within congregations and for all persons called to non-ordained ministry in churches and parachurch organizations.  The vision of the Bible Journey Program is to stem the tide of biblical illiteracy in the American Church and create a generation of biblically educated church members who understand Christian Scripture in its own context and know how to interpret it in the contemporary context.  The Gordon Conwell program was designed to:

  1. Provide participants with a comprehensive grasp of the main figures, events, and themes in the Old and New Testaments and their ongoing significance for our lives.
  2. Enlighten participants with background information and resources that clarify God’s revelation in its original setting.
  3. Equip participants to interpret the Bible correctly by introducing appropriate tools and methods.
  4.  Raise up competent teachers who can communicate biblical truth effectively.

Testimonials from the Gordon Conwell participants have provided strong evidence on how the BJ Program has enhanced their ability to carry out their callings.  Over 600 individuals in the greater Charlotte area have participated in the BJ Program.

St. Dunstan’s was selected as one of two pilot centers for the program to be tested in local churches.  Bryan Dolan, Senior Warden of St. Dunstan’s and graduate of the Gordon Conwell program led the St. Dunstan’s study.  Classroom sessions included presentations on each book of the Bible in three parts.  The first part of each lesson included “in the text” summaries for each book or group of books.  The second part included “behind the text” background pictures and discussions to help participants understand the context and the culture in which each biblical author wrote to each audience.  The third part included a discussion of  “in front of the text” interpretation and implications for life today.

The audio and outlines for each lesson can be found under the “Learn and Grow” tab on the St. Dunstan’s website:  Additional questions regarding the St. Dunstan’s study or the Gordon Conwell program can be addressed to Bryan Dolan 727-470-8631 or

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