Silver and Tin Sunday

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in Updates

Beginning the first Sunday in January and all first Sundays of the month thereafter, stuff Saint Dunstan Anglican Church in Largo, medical FL will start “Silver and Tin Sundays.” Members are encouraged to save up pocket change (the Silver) and canned, boxed or paper goods (the Tin) and bring them on the first Sunday of each month.

At a point during the service, members come forward with their gifts and deposit the Silver in a bucket and the Tin in a wicker basket in front of the altar. Father Jim Derbyshire then blesses the gifts. The Silver is used for Missions and the Tin is donated to two local food banks, Religious Community Services and the Dialysis Food Bank.

A barrel remains by the Parish Hall door for the RCS non-perishable donations. Suggested food donations for the dialysis patients is posted on the Domestic Missions bulletin board.

On January 3rd, their first Silver & Tin Sunday, they took in $110.91 in change and two baskets of food items for two of the local food banks. Well done!


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