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Posted by on May 1, 2016 in Updates


by Cn Greg Lynn, Canon for Church Planting

Always Forward is ACNA’s new church planting initiative under Archbishop Foley Beach. Always Forward has a simple vision to equip dioceses to become church planting networks.

I attended Always Forward’s church planters roundtable in Atlanta on April 19-21, an event that exceeded my expectations. The Always Forward team has prepared necessary resources for church planting. Instead of working with church plants, they will work with dioceses. This approach will allow each diocese to plant stronger and also retain their unique objectives and values. Smart move!

Here’s why I’m excited: this is exactly what the Diocese of Quincy needs. Bishop Morales has stated repeatedly that we must be a church planting diocese. To do that, weneed proven resources and approaches, and Always Forward is supplying those things.

Also, this event was a small and only open to diocesan church planting representatives, meaning that our diocese is in on the ground floor of this provincial movement. Yes, the Diocese of Quincy is an early part of a church planting movement!

In order to live into our vision of being a church-planting diocese, we first start with the conviction that planting churchesis how we follow the great commission on the front lines of our culture.

So let’s dream big! How can you and your church support church plants and church planters? What would it take for your church to plant another church out of it? Do you have emerging leaders who know how to gather people together and teach them?

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