“The Continuum” Ancient-Future Worship in the Diocese

Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in Updates

bc7b5c9e-43e7-419b-8885-d37e77b0b95cThis June saw the beginning of a new service at St Michael and All Angels Church in Peoria. Fr. Ed Adcock began a worship service with contemporary, guitar-led music, our beautiful liturgy slightly simplified, and expository preaching.

The service is held 5 pm every Saturday, and is geared to people who may not have a home church, or for that matter, any church background at all.

Father Ed and his wife Deacon Rosemarie have extensive experience in evangelism through worship concerts and other unusual venues such as fine art exhibitions (Dcn Rosemarie is a professional painter). Before becoming an Anglican priest, Fr Ed was ordained as a worship pastor in non-denominational churches. His worship leading with vocal and guitar was first experienced by many in the Diocese at Synod last year. Even more than music, Fr. Ed’s passion has been for expository preaching leading to life application of Biblical principles; application which is easy to overlook without thoughtful examination, but so necessary to live a life of godliness, pleasing to the Lord and impacting the culture.

Fr. Ed was raised in a Christian family, and committed his life to the Lord at a very early age. What he experienced as a young man growing up in the church was, “all the things you weren’t supposed to do, all the rules, and no one ever explained to me what I SHOULD do.” It is that instructional and clear application of God’s Word that has since become dear to his heart, those things that answer the questions from unchurched friends who want to know why following Christ will make a difference in the way they live. After forgiveness, after redemption, then what? How do we walk out what it means to look like Christ?

So if you find yourself in Peoria on a Saturday afternoon at 5 pm, come visit us at St. Michael’s and worship God with us! We hope you can join us soon!

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