Canon Fire—October 2016

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Spirit led thoughts from the Canon to the Ordinary


Percy Ainsworth, a19th century Anglican priest said,  “The world is in a mighty hurry, there not because its life is so full—though that is the way it always accounts for its haste– but because it is so empty…The more we hurry, the less we live…The length of life is found by measuring its depth. It goes inward toward the core of the soul.”

Referring to Isaiah 28:16, “He that believeth shall not make haste.”, Ainsworth noted,… “The prophet claims this much for faith, that it can teach us an inward attitude of mind and heart towards all this busy world that will save us from the curse, the spiritual blight of these feverish times.”

A.W. Tozer wrote in The Knowledge of the Holy, “To believe actively that our Heavenly Father constantly spreads around us providential circumstances that work for our present good and our ever-lasting well-being brings to the soul a veritable benediction.”

More and more in my own prayer life, I am seeking to slow down. Go deeper. Just spend time with Jesus. I love Morning Prayer and can spend quite a bit of time at the Intercessions and Thanksgivings point in the office just talking to Jesus and asking to be with him. Or as Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel wrote, “Slow down, you move too fast. You got to make the morning last.” Try slowing down and making Morning Prayer last. Time spent just abiding with Jesus is time well spent.

Father Jim Fosdick SSC
Canon to the Ordinary

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