Joint Service for Christian Unity

Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Updates

On Saturday night, January 21st there was a Unity Service at Trinity Presbyterian Church sponsored by the Bartonville Ministerial Association.

The service called for repentance from the things that divide us as Christians. Each “thing” that divides us is like a stone. So, there was a stone for lack of love, hate and contempt, false accusation, discrimination, persecution, broken communion, intolerance, religious wars, division, abuse of power, isolation, and pride.  The “stones” were made from cardboard boxes and built into a wall. Then each stone was placed on the cross of Christ and when turned around, it revealed Christ on the cross. He took all of those “things” and nailed them to the cross.
The Bartonville Ecumenical Choir led the singing and performed a closing Benediction.  It was a wonderful time together. The Lord was worshiped, praised and adored. 
Churches represented were: Trinity Presbyterian Church (the service was held there), St. John’s Lutheran Church, Bethel Lutheran Church, Bartonville United Methodist Church, Christ Church Limestone, and St. Benedict’s Abbey.

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