Saint Benedict School for Ministry

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Saint Benedict School for Ministry

Because we believe that all the people of God are called to ministry in some form or another, the St. Benedict’s School for Ministry seeks to prepare everyone, lay and ordained alike, for the exciting opportunities in ministry to which God calls us. Ministry is not the responsibility and task of the clergy only. If you love God and want to learn more about Him, His Word, His church, and His world, we have courses for you. If you love Anglican tradition, liturgy, history, and theology, we have courses for you. If you want to serve God’s people inside and outside the church and to think more deeply about the intersection of faith and practice, we have courses for you.

For the upcoming Fall 2017 semester, the St. Benedict’s School for Ministry will be offering two online courses: Old Testament Survey (OTS) and Introduction to Diaconal Ministry (DM1), which will be taught by the Rev. J. Michael Strachan and the Rev. Dr. Tara Jernigan, respectively.

The OTS course provides an overview of the books of Hebrew Bible for Christian readers (John 5.39; Rom 15.4; 1 Cor 10.11 et al.) by paying special attention to the ways in which these sacred texts are “the swaddling-clothes and the mangers in which Christ lies and to which the angel points the shepherds” (Martin Luther). The DM1 course provides an overview of the history and theology of diaconal ministries. While this course is required for those pursuing ordained ministry, it is recommended for everyone. The diaconate is a sacred order, and we all have much to learn by better understanding its origin, its history, and the incredible blessing deacons are to Christ’s church and its people.

Registration is open now! If you would like to enroll or have further questions, please contact Fr. Michael ( or Ann McCarthy ( Our goal is to keep the cost of our courses as reasonable as possible, so we are lowering our tuition from $500 to $400 per course. Furthermore, as an incentive to encourage continued biblical, theological, and practical education amongst our parishes and missions, those enrolling from the same parish within the Diocese of Quincy will receive an additional discount of $50 per student down to $300. So if two people from the same parish or mission enroll, the cost is only $350. If three people from the same parish or mission enroll, the cost is only $300 for anyone in that parish or mission!

Finally, St. Benedict’s School for Ministry needs your help. Training our people, lay and ordained alike, is a vital task of the Diocese of Quincy and part of what we believe it means to “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” (Mark 12.30). In an effort to provide the best possible education at the most affordable prices, we’re asking for you to prayerfully consider how you might assist our diocese and it’s school for ministry in preparing our people to be ministers in the church and in the world. Whether as individuals or as churches, whatever you can give to help support this critical ministry of our diocese would be greatly appreciated. For those who have a background in education and believe they could contribute to the vision and direction of the St. Benedict’s School for Ministry, we are composing a Board of Visitors that will play a strategic role in advancing the mission of this school. For more information, please contact Fr. Michael.

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