St. John’s Mission Team

Posted by on Jul 1, 2017 in Updates

Once again the St. John’s Mission Team departs for Guatemala! As you know, this is our second venture to Panajachel near the shores of Lake Atitlan. Our team consists of four adult missionaries and 15 young adult missionaries. We will be constructing a teaching center for local teachers and educators to gather, collaborate, and learn.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity, and we are grateful for those who have contributed towards this effort. Please pray for the team: pray for a successful trip, for blessings on the new relationships that we will be forming, for cooperative weather, for protection from injury and safe travels, for smooth transitions with all the logistics, including customs, etc. And please pray specifically for all of your missionaries: Josh Daly, Luke Engelmeyer, Sofia Fernandez, Drew Figge, Anne Gorman, Debbie Gorman, Kate Gorman, Molly Kim, Kendall Marks, Diane Marks, James McReynolds, Liam McReynolds, Ava Miller, Abigail Oakley, Ben Oakley, Alec Stevenson, John Stevenson, Jake Terry, and yours truly.

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