St. Francis Mission has a New Home and other happenings in St. Louis

Posted by on Oct 1, 2017 in Updates

St. Francis Mission in St. Louis has found a new home thanks to Christ the King Catholic Mission in Harvester, MO; convenient to all of St. Louis and St. Charles, Counties! We are sharing their beautiful space and are excited about new opportunities for outreach in that area; as well as continuing our outreach in the inner-city of St. Louis.

Friday, September 15th, we held a prayer service on the evening of Bishop Morales’ call to fast and pray for peace in our world. With all the devastation around the world, right now, we are truly blessed to be spared from traumatic weather, earthquakes, wildfires and the like. The people of St. Francis Mission found it especially fitting to have this time of peaceful prayer and found comfort in being in community joining with others in our area in this special time of prayer. And then, as St. Louis’s unrest has made national headlines in the past weeks, many people are feeling hurt, wounded and unheard. It is a time of unanswered questions and unwilling ears. We searched for ways to support and encourage those in our community. And in an effort to reach out to those on the front lines- St. Francis Mission was able to take trays of sandwiches, cookies and snack items and to a centralized North St.Louis city police precinct that is providing respite for those in the front of all the turmoil. The world around us is crying out in need of Gods redeeming grace and peace. We are here to bring loving and peace filled words of Christ to those in need. Please keep St. Francis Mission and our outreach to those “on the margins” in your prayers.

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