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Posted by on Nov 1, 2017 in Updates

The Diocese of Quincy currently has SIX church plants. In the next few newsletters, we will introduce you to them telling you about what the Lord is doing in their congregations and the blessings they have received this past year and also how you can pray for them. Below are the first two:

St. Mary’s in Chatham, IL – Deacon Tom Swegel

For St. Mary’s, our greatest blessing has been two-fold. First, our change in location from Springfield to Chatham and second, help from Peoria in the person of Fr. Shawn Doubet who has been mentoring our church plant. We ask for prayers for a new location in Chatham and for the success of our ministry in Chatham and at UIS.

Grace Anglican Church in Collinsville, IL – Fr. John Hellrung

Our blessing we received this year is twofold–one, after a time of prayer and discernment we met on Aug 13 to try to determine our future. Nothing we had been doing seemed to be bearing much fruit, so we were re-evaluating everything, including whether we should continue our effort to get our church off the ground. In a series of meetings I had in the weeks prior to this meeting, God led me into a relationship with some folks in Alton, IL, including Hugh Halter and others in leadership of Forge America. We are participating with them in a time of prayer, teaching and discernment to decide who God is calling us to try to reach with the Gospel.

The same series of meetings led to the other blessing–an offer from another minister in town for space in the old high school in Collinsville, which the church had run as a Christian Academy for many years, but closed last year. They are giving us two classrooms, which is enough space for a worship space and Children’s Ministry/Fellowship space; and a large office, with plenty of storage space. There is a time limit, as the space has been sold and will close on 1 Sep.

So, we basically have this space for a year, during which time we will continue to discern God’s call for us. Our prayer request is that the Forge relationship continues to bear fruit and that we are able to discern God’s call and He provides us direction for who we are called to serve and where we are to serve them.

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