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Diocese of Hpa-An Companion Churches

The Bishop’s initiative to support orphans from St. Andrew’s Orphanage in the Diocese of Hpa-An in the Province of Myanmar is well underway.  At the College of Presbyters Meeting on Dec 2, 2017, sponsors will be assigned their orphans. The next initiative the bishop wants to undertake is to have each church in the Diocese of Quincy develop a relationship with a companion church in the Diocese of Hpa-An.

Pictured are a couple of the churches and their clergy.  The initial connection the bishop wants to make is for each of our churches to financially support a church in Myanmar. In Myanmar, the stipends for clergy come from the province. This will make it easy for Quincy churches to send funds for the support of churches there.

The priests in Myanmar are really dedicated to their mission. One priest, Father Sunday we have already talked about as both leading his parish and building and guiding the St. Andrew’s Orphanage. Another priest, Father Christopher (pictured here) serves two churches in the city and also rides a motorbike to lead a house church in a smaller village. Priests in Myanmar are paid $35US per month.On my visit, I was told this is enough money to buy him rice for a month.

The bishop would like every rector and vicar in our diocese to discuss with their vestry or bishop’s committee supporting a church in Myanmar at the rate of $35/month. We should all be able to find $35/month in our budgets. Please discuss as soon as possible and forward your commitments to me Once this financial support is underway the bishop envisions opening up lines of communication and establishing a means for companion churches to pray for each other. We also hope to be able to have Skype or Google Hangout connections in the future.

Yours in Christ,

Canon Jim Fosdick

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