Lego Blessings

Posted by on Mar 1, 2018 in Updates

This past Friday St. Peter’s Church, Canton received a HUGE donation to the Canton Lego Builders Club! Recently, Canton Lego Builders Club has partnered with The Salvation Army, Canton to reach out to children in our area. Through this partnership, The Salvation Army has given Canton LBC $20,000 worth of legos to use for various clubs and events. Through this donation, we are able to not only supply Canton Lego Builders Club but also supply new Lego Builders Club with what they need to begin. We are excited to not only partner with The Salvation Army, Canton, but also other organizations and churches in our community.

This summer The Salvation Army, Canton will offer Lego Builders Club at their summer programs and the Canton Family YMCA has asked Canton Lego Builders Club to offer a club for their summer program as well. In addition to Westview Lego Builders Club, coming this fall we are partnering with other churches to offer up to three additional lego clubs after school in all corners of Canton.

We are overwhelmed with God’s goodness through this ministry. God is moving us to be missional and providing the volunteers needed to truly reach every man, woman, and child with the good news of His love in Canton.

If you would like to hear more about Canton Lego Builders Club or find out how to start a Lego club, please feel free to contact Fr. Rob.

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