Chrism Mass

Posted by on Apr 1, 2018 in Updates

“By the power of your Spirit may your blessing rest on this oil and on those who are anointed with this chrism in your name; let it be for them a sign of joy and gladness as they share in the royal priesthood of the New Covenant and make known the kingdom of Jesus Christ our Lord….”

On Tuesday of Holy Week, the clergy gathered at St. John’s Cathedral, Quincy, for the Chrism Mass. There they renewed the vows made at their ordinations and the oils that will be used to anoint the people of God this year were blessed.

During his sermon, the Bishop challenged all those present to hear afresh the familiar words of the season. He also asked us to set aside our selfish desires and to look to the example of our brothers and sisters in Myanmar who minister, pouring themselves out in service, often without even the most basic elements of electricity and running water. And he gave thanks for the clergy, young and old, who step out each day, trusting in the call that they have received from God to serve his people.

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