August 2018 Intercessions List

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Dear Diocesan family,

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Monthly Prayer Focus

St. Francis Mission Anglican Church in St. Louis, MO
Led by Fr Dan Kinkead

St. Francis Mission Anglican Church, in St. Louis, Missouri has been on the move and has seen God’s blessing over the past few months. After losing our wonderful downtown church space, due to not being able to afford the rising cost of our re-structured urban community; we began meeting in the beautiful chapel of Christ the King Catholic Mission: A work affiliated with St. Benedict’s Abbey. We were blessed to find our kind and giving brothers and sisters at Christ the King, outside of St. Louis County, and we thank God for this relationship and the use of their beautiful chapel. But, our heart is in the inner city and that is where we do much of our outreach work. So, we celebrate our weekly Eucharist in the suburbs of St. Louis, where many of our friends and neighbors-in-need can not attend, but we are then back in the inner city for outreach as much as possible. Each area needs the Gospel, so we are working to find community connections and outreach options, in both.

Overall, we continues to be a “church on the streets” & we are blessed. Our outreaches to our homeless friends and neighbors-in-need have grown this past year and we have partnered with other local support agencies to see a number of our friends in need helped with food, clothing, shelter and job prospects. We are in constant need of socks, underwear and volunteers to help us on the streets. We have also seen growth in our Criminal Justice & nursing care center outreaches as we form relationships where the Gospel is central and God’s peace and love are shared. Our once small LGBTQ+ outreach, “the Dennis Project”, has seen great growth and we were recently in 4 large local LGBTQ+ events, sharing the Gospel with our neighbors. (This work has grown so much and so many other church and para-church groups have joined the project, that we were able to split it off from St. Francis Mission, this year, and the Dennis Project now stands alone as a Gospel centered, loving ecumenical Christian outreach to the LGBTQ+ community.) So, we ask your prayers that we remain right in the very center of God’s will and that He is blessed and glorified by the work we do. That we “decrease so that He might increase.”

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