Come and See!

It’s our invitation. You’re invited to come and see how God is moving within the Diocese of Quincy. Come and see what life is like following Jesus’s teachings and example. Come and see how God is adding new works, new clergy, new peoples, and even new languages to our diocese. Come and see how our deep roots in strong theology & tradition meet with our outward-focused energy for mission.

The Diocese of Quincy is a diocese on the move. From 2010 to 2013 we even doubled in size. Then in late 2013, we added 17 more congregations.

Who We Are

We’re found celebrating mass in beautiful chapels from the 1800s, and we’re found developing core church planting teams in rented theaters.

We’re communities of the Karen people of Myanmar organized as house churches in the USA, and we’re a neighborhood congregation meeting under a large tent on the dusty northern outskirts of Mexico City.

We’re from generations of Anglican families, and we’re “first generation” Anglicans growing deeper through the rich traditions of the church.

We’re catholic, we’re evangelical, we’re missional, and we’re charismatic all at the same time, because the faith handed down to us is all of those things.

We’re the rooted and growing and dynamic Diocese of Quincy.

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