Actively & Intentionally Making Disciples

So many church groups talk about making disciples. But not everyone is committed to the get-your-hands-dirty work of intentional disciple making—it’s just talk.

Not us. We’re getting our hands dirty.

The Greek word for disciple means learner. That’s appropriate, for a disciple was one who followed a rabbi, meaning teacher. The Hebrew concept of learning is best understood as experiential learning.  A disciple doesn’t just learn head knowledge and facts. A disciple learns a lifestyle.

A rabbi imparted to his disciples both his knowledge and his lifestyle. Disciples followed their rabbi through their daily lives, learning the complete lifestyle of the rabbi. 

Making disciples is what rabbis do. Rabbis were once disciples themselves. Making disciples is a highly-relational and highly-intentional process of imparting to others the lifestyle of following Jesus.

The Diocese of Quincy is committed to making disciples.

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