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Regional conflicts in Myanmar (formerly Burma), have forced hundreds of thousands of refugees from their homes. On the eastern side of Myanmar, over 100,000 are in refugee camps on the Thai border, and over 100,000 have fled violence in their homeland and found sanctuary on our shores.

Myanmar Refugees in the Diocese

Some of these refugees are Anglican, and many have found their way into the Diocese of Quincy. They are largely from the Karen State of Myanmar and speak the Karen language.

Archbishop Stephen Than Myint Oo of the Church of the Province of Myanmar

Archbishop Stephen Than Myint Oo of the Church of the Province of Myanmar

To help them, Archbishop Stephen Than Myint Oo of Myanmar invited Bishop Morales and the Diocese into a relationship of support, protection, and prayer.  The bishops have developed both a close friendship and a good working relationship, as they have served the increasing number of Karen-speaking congregations in the Diocese of Quincy.

Quincy is home to the first Karen priest in the ACNA, the Very Rev. Samuel Lynn, Canon for Karen Ministries, and has had the honor of ordaining and licensing Karen deacons, priests, and catechists to serve throughout the Diocese.

Myanmar Refugees and Orphans Afar

Over the last year, Bp. Morales and others have visited Myanmar, listening, learning, and sharing fellowship with the clergy and people there. There are several places and ways, along with daily prayer, that the Diocese is committed to helping:

St. Andrew’s Church and Orphanage

We are working across the Diocese to support the St. Andrew’s Orphanage, led by Cn. San Day. The children there have hope for a future because of the dedication of Cn. San Day and his family. Quincy families have joined into this mission, sponsoring children and pouring their time, talent, and treasure into the futures of the boys and girls who live there.

The Children of St. Andrew's

The children of St. Andrew’s Orphanage.

St. Paul’s Church, Mae Ra Moe Camp

In one of the camps on the Thai border, St. Paul’s Church is taking in and sheltering children whose families have sent them into the camps to avoid the landmines that surround their villages. These children are not orphans but have little hope for food and no hope for education without being at St. Paul’s. They do not receive help from the UN – and are in desperate need of food and supplies.

Children of St. Paul’s, Mae Ra Moe

How can I help?

For the St. Andrew’s Orphanage, you can sponsor a child for $150 per year or $12.50 per month. Details can be found on our giving page. You can also donate toward the building up of the orphanage.

For St. Paul’s, donations toward buying food for the kids can be made by check or by Paypal on our giving page.

It is a joy to do Kingdom work with our brothers and sisters from Myanmar, both here and abroad, and it is our hope that our relationship will continue to flourish to the glory of God, long into the future.

Donate to St. Andrews Orphanage

Sponsor an Orphan in Myanmar
1 Year

You will be charged $155, which covers the $150 annual sponsorship plus transaction fees.

Sponsor an Orphan in Myanmar
Monthly for 1 Year

You will be automatically charged $14/mo for 12 months. The $13.50 covers the $12.50 sponsorship plus transaction fees.

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